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KulturLand Ries e.V.

KulturLand Ries e.V.

The Association for the care of rural culture

Zehentstadel Heroldingen
School Museum Enkingen
Oil mill Maihingen
Museum KulturLand Ries

Zehentstadel in Heroldingen

School museum in Enkingen

Oil mill in Maihingen

Museum KulturLand Ries

The association as a supporter of the district museum

Maihingen field and village nature trail
- Description to download

Mill hiking trail from Nördlingen to Aufhausen (Bopfingen)
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Mill researcher

The mill explorer:

from left back row: Dr. Josef Hopfenzitz, Gerhard Beck, Manfred Luff, Werner Deixler

front row: Franz Friedel, Hermann Kucher, Kurt Kroepelin, Herbert Dettweiler

The mission of the mill explorers:

Mills were very common in the Ries, a granary of Bavaria. Rapid technical development has not spared this cultural asset either. Only a few of the almost 200 mills are still active. That's why 2019 has happened homeland friends under the direction of Dr. Josef Hopfenzitz came together to collect as much information as possible about the Rieser mills, existing and gone.

The result is contained in the mill directory.

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